Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Kurzeme - L. Purmale

At the Gallery Daugava
"Purmale and Polis are names  that magnetically attract the term "Photo Realism" in surveys of Latvian art, although both artists have often energetically opposed it. Their connection with the quite peripheral trend in the global art history poses many riddles but nevertheles fascinates. It is possible that several principles crucial for Purmale`s art can be elucidated, projecting general principles of Photo Realism against the field of artist`s individual practice. [...]

I like distance, that steamed-up window in-between, that prevents Liga Purmale`s paintings from spreading smells and sounds. Painting is painting, there is nothing to prick up ears and nose about. The world is made up by what is visible. The painting`s world."

Source: Liga Purmale.Visible World, Exhibition Catalogue, State Museum of Art, 2004
L.Purmale, Edge of a forest7Utkanten av skog, 2012-2015, oil on canvas/olje på lerret, 120x160

L.Purmale.The way/en vei.2012-2015, oil on canvas, olje på lerret, 120x160

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Kid. Rasa Jansone

At the Mukusalas art salon.
  • The raw expression of colour and brushstroke
  • The viewer is faced with unprotected looks of the children (barn), yearning for love and requiring uncompromising attention
R.Jansone, Eduard, 2015, oil and canvas, 150x170
R.Jansone, Lizet, 2015, oil and canvas, 170x190

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Watercolour in Latvia. 19th – 21st Centuries – 2015 – Exhibitions – Explore – The Latvian National Museum of Art

Watercolour in Latvia. 19th – 21st Centuries – 2015 – Exhibitions – Explore – The Latvian National Museum of Art

Janis Brekte (1920-1985), City Hall in Tallinn, From the series The Baltic Republic, 1958, Watercolour on paper, 84x60,5cm,
Francisks Varslavans, 1899-1949, Parisian study,, 1927, Watercolour and pencil on paper, 30,5x39cm, Latvian National Museum of Art

Eduards Jurkelis, 1910-1978, Mara`s lake, 1958, Watercolour on paper, 55x80cm, Latvian National Museum of Art


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jāzeps Pīgoznis: Ieskats Jāzepa Pīgožņa balvas pasniegšanas pasākum...

Jāzeps Pīgoznis: Ieskats Jāzepa Pīgožņa balvas pasniegšanas pasākum...:   Jāzepa Pīgožņa plenēra dalībnieki:     Plenēra dalībnieku darbu izstāde pie Kultūras nama:   Zelta medaļas ie...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Casas de colores, Alguacil

Stay night, Alguacil
Source: evaristoalguacil.wix.com/evaristoalguacil

C./Pizzaro 4, Villajoyosa (Alicante)
tel.96 685 0439 Movil . 616 14 14 08
Clases de pintura, personalizadas para adultos y ninos.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Notes from the Exhibitions - Exhibition of the Group Church's painters and Painters group/ To Utstillinger i Riga

  • This is notes from another exhibition of Group Church's painters. New words and new paintings. For example, G.Ploka with pastel "Dunes" and L.Lazdina with oil paintings "The yellow house".
  • Nice impressions from painters group exhibition. Specially, M.Veisbarde's oil painting "Before thunderstorm".
  • To utstillinger i Riga - a) Maler av Luteransk Kirke og b) Maler gruppe.


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